Jay K9 

Committed, passionate, approachable & experienced in all our training and behaviour.

We’d love to hear from you

Jay K9 

Committed, passionate, approachable & experienced in all our training and behaviour.

We’d love to hear from you

Welcome to Jay K9!

At Jay K9 we offer training and advice for all breeds and age dogs from the time you first think about getting one!  Use our years of experience either through our online training options, group activities or 121 training.

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Our training clubs provide the perfect amount of flexibility to fit training into busy lives!  Using our training target books and online tutorials, keep your training on track for continual improvement! 

Have a look at our package details to see which level of support best suits your needs from simple online access to adding in social meet-ups or topping up with 121 training.

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From 121 training, group activities, education and CPD to our online training club we have lots of options to suit individual learning styles.

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Fancy doing something a little different with your dog???  Check out our fun activities… We can offer most of these as group sessions or 121s,

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We attended Jay K9 puppy class in Oct 2019.  Prior to getting our puppy, we had a 121 with Gerry to discuss how to pick the right puppy for our family (our ‘first’ second dog).  We had follow up 121 in February 2020 to work on some very specific behaviour related topics.  We have also attended scentwork in the past.

Gerry and Carly are friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  They provided us with superb practical advice, which are reward base and fun so the dogs are ‘choosing to’ listen rather than just ‘obedience’.

We particularly like the way that Gerry provides with written notes after every session, homework and an action plan for us to follow.

Strongly recommend JayK9 for specific dog behaviour matter and ‘day to day’ dog skills.

Ivone with Jack & Ella

I have done various activities with Gerry and Carly since they began and would not hesitate to recommend them.  Their knowledge is great. They work with each owner and dog/s as individuals....no one size fits all here.  They are ALWAYS willing to listen and discuss ideas with you, even when in a group session and if it requires further discussion, they always make time after the session.  I have had reason to contact Carly about food and Gerry about numerous things and they have never failed me.  Their empathy with owners, knowledge and above all their love of dogs is second to none.

Carol with Lenny and Fern

We attended training classes when we brought a new puppy into our home. Gerry is friendly and down to earth and the classes were fun, rewarding and a great bonding experience for Doozer and I.

We have also used Gerry’s skills in a couple of one to one home visits, where she helped us with a personalised training plan. I feel she really treats us and our dogs as individuals, allowing us to set attainable goals with a clear path to get there.

Roo with Doozer and Sprocket

I have nothing but praise for Gerry from puppy training to fit and focus with 121 sessions to help with excitement, loose lead walking and our latest challenge Rocco being happy with grooming. Gerry has always given practical easy to follow advice backed up with written notes. Rocco loves her and the training and support she has given is second to none. I would highly recommend Gerry.

Sue & Rocco

Gerry has trained Harvey from a puppy. He loves scentwork and fit and focus classes especially.  Love Gerry's classes as always interesting and stimulating for both of us.

Eileen and Harvey

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