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Alabama Rot

What is Alabama Rot?

CRGV, commonly known as “Alabama Rot” is a disease that has no known cause and can affect all dogs, irrelevant of breed, age or weight.

Unfortunately cases of Alabama Rot (CRGV) not spotted early can lead to sudden and potentially fatal kidney failure.

Spotting Alabama Rot?

Skin Lesions

These appear as distinct swelling, a patch of red skin or open and ulcer like.​

​Skin sores

Skin sores not caused by any known injury, commonly found below the elbow or knee.

Kidney Failure

Within 2-7 Days outward signs of kidney failure; vomiting, reduced hunger and unusual tiredness.


There is no vaccination and no certain way of preventing your dog contracting the disease.

​Knowing the warning signs can help you in seeking veterinary treatment QUICKLY.

​It is thought the disease is picked up on the paws and legs on muddy walks.


The Vets4Pets website has a good bit of information and a map to detail areas affected by Alabama Rot.

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