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Camping with the dogs…

Summer holidays and what can be better than getting away for some fresh air and walking with your favourite four-legged friend. Camping can be a really amazing experience for both you and your dog, there are a few little tips and tricks that can make your holiday go that bit more smoothly.

1. Plan – You can’t take dogs everywhere so look at the where you’re planning on going and look what dog friendly tourist attractions, pubs and activities there are, if you are wanting to go to the beach make sure the ones you are hoping to go to allow dogs at the time of year you are there. If you have kids with you set expectations.

Heading up Ben Nevis on a family trip around Scotland.

2. Think about the kit you want to take with you…A windbreak is a must have. Even if the campsite says dogs must remain on lead you’ll likely get a four legged visitor at some point, using a windbreak can give your dogs their own bit of private space and make management that bit easier. Cooking and eating can be a little cramped, if your dog isn’t great around food think about how you will manage them, it may be worth taking a crate or at least a ground spike to tether them…avoid putting your spike in a location too close to the cooker/BBQ or the guide ropes though!

Tethering and stationing

3. Teach behaviours! If you are going to tether your dog train this prior to going on holiday. A good settle will help you out no end a the pub. Teaching your dog to station (remain on something e.g. bed, chair etc.) is useful when space is tight and you need the dogs out of the way. We can always help with training any of these behaviours!

4. Think about what your plan is going to be in poor weather…Does your dog feel the cold? If so you may want to bring them something to keep warm in, if it’s wet they may want a coat etc. After all we know how unpredictable English weather can be. How will you keep your dog cool if the weather is especially hot? Have you got some way to provide shade? An Aluminet is great for providing shade, it allows the breeze to pass through it and is available from . Don’t forget the dog towels for at the beach too!

5. Make sure you have what you need accessible for when you arrive at the campsite. First job is usually to get the dogs out for a quick pit stop and to make them comfortable, with the car parked up and in warm weather it’s going to get hot quickly and they may be in the way as you unload. Tethering either to a ground spike or around your wheel may be a good option and providing them some water, maybe a chew to entertain them and comfortable area to lie will mean you can get on with pitching your tent knowing the dogs are happy.

6. Enjoy!

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