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Finding the right place to source your puppy from…

When it comes to finding your new puppy it’s REALLY REALLY important to do your research!

You are going to be investing a lot of money on your new family member and the early experiences and genetics of a puppy can really effect them for life.

Responsible breeders are likely to have a waiting list and will want to know a lot about you, your family and your home…Don’t be offended they are trying to ensure that their puppies will get the best life possible – If you aren’t quizzed heavily be concerned!

In an ideal world you want to be meeting your puppy on a few occasions and a good breeder should be happy with you doing this… It isn’t possible to pick a puppy from a picture or video clip (if you’d like advice on choosing a puppy from a litter please let us know).

When seeing a pup Mum should be there…if you are buying a pet dog that is going to grow up in your home…Look for a breeder of pet dogs that breeds in her home….That way the puppy will be use to all the sounds, smells and activities of a home. Discuss with your breeder what they will be doing with the puppies prior to them coming to you – what experiences will they have had?

Look at the home and the Mum carefully – unfortunately there are lots of people that will try to sell puppies that have been bred in not the best circumstances and then will try and set-up situations to make them look like the environment you as a buyer would like to see… Is the layout practical for house to function or has it just been set-up for your visit. Is Mum a Mum – is their evidence of her producing milk. Are the puppies the size you’d expect?

If you’re not sure ask for advice…a decent breeder would be pleased to see you are making a carefully considered decision. As trainers we frequently have to deal with the fall out of poorly thought through choices and we’d always love to hear from people wanting to make informed choices…I’m sure we are not alone. This is big choice and we’d love you to make the right one!

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