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Module 1Before you get started
Unit 1Before you get started
Unit 2Instructor Introduction
Unit 3Join our Facebook group
Unit 4Puppy Guide
Unit 5Discount Vouchers
Unit 6Training Methods and Equipment Discussion
Unit 7ID and Equipment
Unit 8Treats and Rewards
Unit 9Markers
Unit 10Push Drop Stick
Unit 11Training Target Books
Module 2Information
Unit 1Separation and alone training
Unit 2Chewing biting and mouthing
Unit 3Jumping up
Unit 4Socialisation
Unit 5Toilet Training
Unit 6Dealing with picking up illicit objects
Unit 7Handling
Unit 8Grooming
Unit 9Food Choices
Unit 10Loose Lead Skills
Module 3Focus Games - Start with a focus game before you begin your training
Unit 1Capturing eye contact - focus game
Unit 2Duration eye contact - focus game
Unit 3Up / down game - focus game
Unit 4Treat to side - focus game
Unit 5Treat coming down - focus game
Unit 6Treat catching - focus game
Module 4Training Exercises
Unit 1Response to Name
Unit 2Settle Mat Training 1
Unit 3Settle Mat Training 2
Unit 4Food manners
Unit 5Collar grab
Unit 6Sit and practical push drop stick
Unit 7Play chat
Unit 8Building value in a toy
Unit 9Play
Unit 10Loose lead walking
Unit 11Auto sit
Unit 12It’s your choice
Unit 13Food bowl manners
Unit 14Doorway Control
Unit 15Down
Unit 16Stay and release cue
Unit 17Recall
Unit 18Stand
Unit 19On Lead Greetings
Unit 20Greeting a person
Unit 21Leave
Unit 22Confidence Course
Unit 23Touch
Unit 24Sounds and noises
Unit 25Paw/pad
Unit 26Time for your assessment
Module 5Progression Exercises
Unit 1Progressing Exercises
Unit 2Adding cue to settle mat
Unit 3Retrieve
Unit 4Get it cue
Unit 5Capture, lure, shape