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Find out more about our different training options below…If you’ve got a question or need a little help finding the best training option for you and your dog then feel free to contact us and drop us a message.

Tip #5 Only reward attempts made by the dog that meet criteria.

1-2-1 Training

We know that group classes aren’t for everyone, that’s why we offer 1-2-1 personalised tuition…

You may have specific issues that you’d like to address or want to progress a particular skill or behaviour more rapidly. 

You can also use our 121 training service to ask for advice on selecting a puppy, for information prior to puppies arrival, for rescue dog support or specific training issues. 

To see the best progress in 121s we usually recommend booking in a few sessions at a time and our pricing structure reflects this.

  • 1 x 121 = £60
  • 2 x 121 = £110
  • 3 x 121 = £160
  • 4 x 121 = £200

All 121 appointments are 1 hour long and a written training plan will be provided within 72 hours of your session.   

Socialisation starts from the minute you bring your puppy home and continues throughout the dog's life.  They may not be fully immunised but that doesn’t stop us from introducing puppies to new and novel environments and experiences.  Use our expertise to build your puppies confidence before they are even old enough to join puppy classes.

Tip #3 Set yourself goals/achievable targets for the day/week.

Puppy Packages

At JAY K9 we are passionate about getting things off to the best possible start...

We know how important getting it right from the start is!  That’s why we offer a variety of puppy packages.  We’d love to hear from you even before you’ve bought your new puppy home.  We can talk with the whole family (including the kids) about how bringing a paw-son into your family will affect you all.  We will discuss how you all want your dog to behave in the future and what we can do to help make that happen from day one!


Bronze level - £95 one off payment for course

  • Access to our online video library of all our foundation exercises - up until your puppy is 1 year old
  • Training Target book
  • Puppy Guide
  • Discounted 121 Voucher
  • Discounted Workshop voucher

Confident Pup Course - £75 monthly payment for course

As for Bronze level with the addition of

  • 1 x 121 (to be taken within 2 months of buying subscription).
  • Facebook Group for questions, additional support and training tips etc.

Silver level - £155 one off payment for course

As for Bronze level with the addition of

  • 1 x 121 (to be taken within 2 months of buying package).
  • Facebook Group for questions, additional support and training tips etc.

Gold level - £275 one off payment for course

As for Silver with the addition of:

  • 3 x 121s (to be taken within 2 months of buying package).
  • Free Puppy Assessment on a Nationally recognised assessment e.g. Kennel Club Good Citizen and/or APDT Good Companion Award (TBC which)
  • Free on-going green level assessment as part of 121s

We also recommend our 121 packages for new puppy owners (please see 121s for details on pricing here).

Assessments for target book levels can be purchased at £15 per level and includes certificate, rosette and feedback. You can find them in our shop here.

Tip #10 Have a plan… know how you are going to make it harder/easier.

Tip #4 Be clear about your criteria.

Rescue Dog Support

We are seeing more and more people taking on the responsibilities of a rescue dog. 

Whilst they can make fantastic pets, some may need that little extra support.  Offering expert advice and practical skills from the time you decide to take on your rescue dog we’ve got a wealth of knowledge to share with you and have had our own fair share of rescue dogs that needed a little help and guidance!

We’d usually suggest starting your training journey with your rescue dog with a couple of 121s (please see 121 Training for details on pricing).

Tip #1 Build training into routines.

Behaviour Support

Individual tailored consultation, advice and training for you and your dog. 

We can tackle specific issues your dog is facing using kind, effective methods. Life can be hard if your dog is struggling with behaviour issues.  We’ve got the specialist experience to help you through.  We offer a variety of packages along with written reports and videos to help with your behaviour modification and we’re always at the end of telephone to help with questions and queries along the way.  Please contact us if you have any concerns about your dog’s behaviour.  Don’t wait for the problem to get worse – get the help and advice you need.

  • £170 initial consult (please allow 2 hours)
  • £80 per hour for follow up visits
  • Bronze Package – Initial consult and 1 x 1 hour follow up session £245
  • Silver Package – Initial consult and 2 x 1 hour follow up sessions £320
  • Gold Package – Initial consultation and 4 x 1 hour follow up sessions £450

Tip #2 Practice little & often.

Drop & Train

Does your dog pull on the lead? Have a poor recall? Or jump up when meeting people? 

Whatever your problem, it can be difficult to find the time to work on these issues, especially if you are out at work all day…. How about if instead of paying a dog walker someone with specialist knowledge came to train your dog for you? The great news is that your dog doesn’t even need to have a problem to use this service if you think your dog deserves a bit more than a walk around the block then this service could be for you!

As well as training services that can help with specific issues, we’ve specialist knowledge in canine conditioning and canicross (cross-country running with your dog) and can help get your dog into tip-top physical shape, loose that bit of weight or build muscle….Great for active breed dogs or dogs that compete in canine sports. 

Perfect for puppies too, this service can be used to help with socialisation and training of your puppy with our puppy pop in service. 

Training is based on £40 per hour (although you may not need a full hour depending upon which service you book). 

Tip #6 Don’t mark nearly meeting criteria or effort… be consistent, it will be easier for your dog in the long run.


A reliable recall is an essential life skill. 

In addition to incorporating recall training in our standard classes and training you can also book in to work specifically on recall, through our guided webinar and 121 training.  We’ll discuss with you where recalls can fall down and help create the perfect recall plan for you.  With a mix of both practical and theory you’ll fully understand how to get that Reliable Recall!

Reliable recall course – £90 (this is part webinar based with a 121 practical).   

Tip #7 Make sure your rewards are rewarding.

Loose Lead Skills

Too often we see dogs pulling on leads…

It can take the pleasure out of walking…Lead to frustration and a breakdown in the relationship between owner and dog.  We can help you to gain that connection, ignite that passion and enjoy walking your dog. 

This can be delivered through 121s – see our pricing for 121s or you can view our webinar to get you started on the basics and combine this with our 121s

Loose Lead Walking – Webinar £30  

Tip #9 If things aren’t going well, stop… rethink or take a break.

Education & CPD

At Jay K9 we are passionate about dogs and we’re happy for you to use our expert knowledge… 

You may work in a vets, groomers, school or community program.  You may want to know how to make your premises more dog friendly. You may like to improve your canine greetings to make appointments that bit easier.  You may be concerned about keeping children safe around dogs.  You may want to offer your customers the opportunity for them to kindly train their dog to accept  a muzzle.  You may want to know how to run successful puppy parties or have dog shows or public events with an aim to increase education in canine etiquette. 

We’ve experience working with district and town councils, veterinary practices and local schools and business.  We have a variety of talks and practical sessions which can be offered as a ‘lunch and learn’ seminar, evening talks or even full day events.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will happily provide a tailored quote for you. 

Tip #10 Have a plan… know how you are going to make it harder/easier.


Fancy borrowing an enrichment toy each month or really want to read a dog training book?

Join our library for £5 per month and borrow from us (initial damage deposit of £25 will be held at time of joining).


Tip #10 Have a plan… know how you are going to make it harder/easier.

Mantrailing UK

Mantrailing is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK.

In Mantrailing the dog uses their amazing scenting abilities to find a hidden person, They will take scent from an article and match this to the scent trail left by the hidden person in order to locate them.

Mantrailing is open to all dogs, no matter what breed or age.  Dogs will remain on lead while working and will be worked one at a time meaning we are able to accommodate dogs with a few issues.

We love our Mantrailing…. Head Instructor Gerry is a qualified Mantrailing UK Assessor and Instructor and has trained her own dog to operational level.

  • Introduction Wrokshop – £55
  • Training Session (for those who have completed an introduction workshop) – £25
  • Assessment (Levels 1, 2 or 3) £75

Tip #10 Have a plan… know how you are going to make it harder/easier.

Canine Conditioning & Fitness

Conditioning is what can keep your dog fit, healthy, flexible and balanced to help prevent injury or build strength required for specific sports.

Our canine conditioning program will work on developing strength from within, first working on those core muscles so they can support the rest of the body as we work through a specific program for you and your dog.

Canine Conditioning is suitable for all ages and breeds of dog, we work with puppies to build proprioception and body awareness skills, sporting, overweight, and dogs in rehabilitation.

8 Week 121 Canine Conditioning Course £160 (includes 3 x 121s and weekly video support and feedback for the 8 week program).

Canine Conditioning and Canicross can be included as part of one of our drop and train services.

Tip #10 Have a plan… know how you are going to make it harder/easier.


Is the sport of cross country running with your dog. 

It’s a great team sport, with the dog running out in front you’re really going to need to communicate with your dog to ensure they follow directions and are able to speed up or slow down as you tackle variable terrain. 

You don’t need to mega quick to enjoy canicrossing is more about getting out and having fun with your dog. 

Book a 121 for help and advice on getting started on your canicross journey.

If you don’t fancy running yourself, but think your dog would love it…then book in with our drop and train service. 

More canicross courses and events coming soon!

Tip #10 Have a plan… know how you are going to make it harder/easier.


At Jay K9 we’ve qualifications in Scentwork UK, TD Scentwork & the UK College of Scent Dogs to name but a few…we love our scentwork!

Online class options are coming soon!

Alternatively join us for one of our Introduction Workshops or a regular training session. 

Introduction Workshop – £55

Training Session (for those who have completed an introduction workshop) – £25

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