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Treat Pouches – The good, the bad and the really ugly!

When it comes to treat pouches there is a lot of choice and lets be honest a lot of it is going to be down to personal preference…

If you’re the kind of person that wants to just pick up a bag and go you may want a medium sized treat pouch that could carry all your essentials including the poo bags, dog whistle and clicker. You minimalist guys may just make do with a small pouch that just holds a few treats – you may even be crazy enough to get away with shoving one or two treats in your coat pocket and job done….Where as you guys that like to know you’ve got everything possible for all eventualities may want to consider a training skirt or vest?

Training Vest
Training Skirt

Before choosing your treat pouch you may want to think about what you may want to carry with you for your walk as this will influence your choice:

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Treats – maybe two types e.g. high and low value?
  • Dog whistle
  • Clicker
  • Poo bags
  • Spare change
  • House key
  • Mobile phone
  • Toy or ball

Is your treat pouch going to have to accommodate all these items???

If so, with bulky toys you are probably going to be looking at the training skirt or vest options that have large rear pockets that can easily carry balls and tug toys.

The smaller version may be a treat pouch with belt/clip attachment that has multiple pockets.

These pouches have a large pocket for treats with a separate area within it for higher value treats and a magnetic fastening to stop them dropping out, but also sturdy sides so when the magnet isn’t been used it stays open so you can easily get your hand in. It’s got side pockets for poo bags etc, a small front pocket that would carry your clicker and whistle etc. and discreet zip pocket at the back that holds keys and money!

There are lots of variety when it comes to smaller treat pouches, things to be aware of with these are:

  • How easy is it to get your hand in and access the treats?
  • How easy are they to clean?
  • Can you close them or will they spill?
  • How do they attach to you – when you move and bend will they drop treats?
  • Will they swing and move about when attached to you as these are difficult to access and can distract dogs.

We’ve a variety of treat pouch options available in the shop so take a look and feel free to ask questions!

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